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Lancaster - Skin Therapy Gel Cream 50 ml


Lancaster - Skin Therapy Gel Cream 50 ml

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This delicate gel is enriched with the O2 fix system patented by Lancaster laboratories, captures and releases the amount of oxygen that the skin needs so that it is full of energy and can erase the signs of fatigue. Your skin will be toned, luminous and revitalized. When to use it? Every day, especially when you feel that your hydration is not enough, or when your skin needs an extra help to erase the signs of fatigue without using an anti-aging treatment. BEAUTY TIPS For skins from normal to mixed. Apply on clean skin on face and neck, in the morning and at night. Innovative technology 15 years of research and 7 patents in Oxygen technology have made possible the development of the intelligent vector: O2 Fix System. This 3D matrix of siliconized polymers captures oxygen and helps release the optimal amount of oxygen the skin needs to improve cellular metabolism and collagen synthesis.

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